Your turn


 "Your turn " The original couples game for getting intimate and enhancing communication is underway for a

full digital transformation!

Dr Morris has transformed her original creation of the "your turn" board game used with patients in the clinical setting,  into a digital app accessible by phone, tablet and computer.


by doing so, dr. Morris enhanced the reach  of a game style clinical tool meant to enhance communication amongst adults in order to develop and maintain healthy & honest relationships. this is especially important in today's climate with virtual dating, social distancing, polarized beliefs and compounding stressors. 


is the virtual dating world new to you? Are you new to dating and find it difficult to get to know someone deeper than surface level?


Are you in a new relationship and  want to learn more about them or your compatibility? 


have you been in a long term relationship and want to

re-engage with your partner or discuss your current needs and wants?


If you appreciated the original "your turn" in our office, get ready for

"your turn" at home, date night, traveling and when the occasion calls for

enhanced communication and relationships!

YOUR turn pending trademark of mind games llc