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Quick Tips Back to School: Time Management

Tip 1. Lists! If you aren’t making lists, now is a great time to start! Set yourself up for SUCCESS by making lists, using your schedule or planner and checking it frequently.

Tip 2. Prioritize! Prioritizing is giving time and special treatment to certain tasks and putting them at the top of your list. Think about due dates and deadlines.

Tip 3. Preparation! Plan ahead. Start large tasks (papers, projects, studying) well before the due dates. Identify how much time you will need for each of your tasks and schedule accordingly. Sometimes we schedule too many things in one day. Again, set yourself up for SUCCES! Overloading your schedule will work against you.

Tip 4. Organization! Keep your binders, notebooks, backpacks and desks neatly organized. This will allow you to keep track of tasks and easily find the materials you need.

Tip 5. Goals! Effective time management starts with a clear vision of goals. Spend your time engaging in positive behavioral and activities that help you achieve those goals. Take advantage of the resources around you to work hard & work smart!

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